authorI grew up around music with a dad and an uncle that played every instrument in sight. Though my mom forced me to take piano lessons at age six, my love of the instrument didn’t start until high school when I took lessons of my own accord.

Taking lessons a little later in life opened my eyes to a new level of possibility in music. For a while, I thought I’d play in a rock band — which is where my obsession with digital pianos originates — and even though that didn’t work out, music is still one of the most important things in my life.

My last year of high school I worked in a local music store that let me spend most of my evenings locked up after business hours tinkering and playing around with every piano in the showroom and a few stored in the back. The sound and feel of a piano now brings me back to those days when I didn’t have anything better to do than play, and go home and pass out.

Though I’ve moved on from a part-time pretend music career, I still get asked to play at every party and family event I attend

This guide was created out of years of experience, and the knowledge that not everyone can afford that beautiful grand piano, nor find a place to keep it. But anyone who wants to learn piano can have an instrument that fulfills and inspires.

This is a roadmap to discovering the tools you need to be a successful piano player. Get the idea that you can’t have a piano out of your head because there is a digital piano out there for you. I had the great fortune of stumbling on the perfect after school job, but you don’t have to be that lucky. All you need is a little pluck and some music in your bones.

I currently live in Proctorville, Ohio, where I can hear music coming from my neighbor’s house on a nightly basis. I try not to start any picking challenges with any of the musicians in my neighborhood.

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