Take Care of Your Piano By The Right Way – All possible Niceties

The life of your digital piano is every bit as dependent on the way you care for it as it is on the quality of the make and build. Once you have acquired your new baby, it’s important to know how to take care of it. Some aspects of the care are exactly the same as an acoustic, and some are very, very different. Use this guide to help you learn how to keep your piano in the same condition as when it first came home.

Care Guide For Your Digital Piano


Use a proper polish and gloss to protect the finish on your piano. Many modern keyboards are made of laminates or plastics that require a bit more care to remain intact. Music Nomad Complete Piano Care Kit for Gloss Pianos  is a convenient and easy to use cleaner, wax and polish in one. The anti-static formula helps to protect surfaces from dust along with the microfiber polishing cloth. Be sure to pay special attention to your keyboard’s keys as you polish because these are the moving parts that are most susceptible to damage from dirt and grime buildup.

Don’t nibble while you play.

Noshing as a form of multi tasking has become something of an art these days. It seems that no one has the time to just sit down and enjoy a meal. People do it in their cars and at their desks at work. Wherever you do it, don’t do it in front of your piano. Greasy finger tips will dull your keys and make them gummy. Crumbs will accumulate between your keys and make them stiff. You’ll get ugly stains all over the finish. It just isn’t worth it. Eat your food away from the piano and wash your hands thoroughly before you come back to it.

Do I Need a Cover?

Yes, yeah, uhuh, yep and yeppers. In other words, absolutely. The keys of your digital piano can get grimy with dust and dirt over time. A dust cover will ensure that your keys stay clean and dust stays out of the internal components. Your digital piano will last decades longer if you protect it from the elements.

Where Should I Put My Piano?

Where Should I Put My PianoYou should probably avoid putting the piano anywhere that the temperature fluctuates a great deal. Large temperature variations can warp the internal electronic boards and damage the housing. Also, keep it away from moisture and from windows that might remain open during the rain. Moisture can cause serious damage and corrosion to your instrument over time.

Also, be as aware of what you put ON your piano as where you put it. Glasses of water and food can easily be spilled and cause damage to the internal electronics of the piano. Remember, if the electronics get shorted out, you won’t get any sound at all out of the piano. Worse, if you damage the processor it will likely be more expensive to repair the instrument than too replace it. Nothing should be put on top of your piano but music. Besides, how will anyone see how beautiful your digital piano is if you bury it under a bunch of junk?

How Should I Care for the Cords and Cables?

HOW SHOULD I CARE FOR THE CORDS AND CABLESIt’s a good idea to unplug electrical appliances when they aren’t in use, especially if they have circuit boards that can be burned out by electrical surges. Sometimes this is not practical and you have to leave it plugged in. If so, make sure that it is plugged into a sturdy surge protector. Also, don’t plug it into an outlet that shares another high-voltage electrical appliance. If you have a smaller electronic piano that needs to be packed away when not in use, make sure that you wrap up the cord with the piano to avoid crimps and tangles.

How To Transport a Digital Piano

If your digital piano is very heavy, get as many helpers as you need to ensure that the piano won’t be dropped and damaged. Be sure to disconnect the keyboard before moving the body. It will prevent both parts from being damaged and make it a little lighter to transport. You will likely need two people to lift the keyboard from the body. Make sure that you keep the original packaging for the piano so that if you have to disassemble it, you can store it away safely. If you are going to ship the piano, make sure it is marked as fragile and be sure to get insurance to cover any possible damage.

Don’t Sleep On It

Last but not least, don’t fall asleep on your piano. It’s been known to happen, and more than a few times the sleeper has drooled into the keys. Yes, they were shorted out and the pianos required extensive repair. They also make terrible pillows anyway.


ConclusionLast but not least, make sure to follow the maintenance schedule for you digital piano as well as you follow the oil change schedule for your car. Digital pianos don’t need to be tuned like acoustics, but they do need other types of care. For instance, the processor, speaker and fans may need to be cleaned internally on occasion just like your laptop or desktop.

Make sure to follow the instructions in your manual to the letter. As long as you treat it with care and clean it often with the right types of polish, you should be able to enjoy your digital piano for years, if not decades.